Popop World

Staking Rewards

Users can stake POP token to obtain more Staking rewards.
The rewards of the staking comes from 20% of the total amount of pop issued(Allocate by block height)
APR= (POP released per block by stake ecology)* (total blocks in one day)*(365 days)/ Total POP in staking

The specific rules of vePOP are as follows:

1.vePOP can only be obtained through staking POP token
2.vePOP cannot be traded
3.vePOP utility will be constantly updated as the platform continues development.
Stake Duration
Each pop can receive vePOP token
7 days
0.1 vePOP
14 days
0.205 vePOP
1 month
0.42 vePOP
3 months
1.28 vePOP
6 months
2.54 vePOP
1 year
5 vePOP
2 years
10 vePOP
3 years
15 vePOP