Popop World


CEO-Founder:Nam Tran
After many years of working in a business field and more than six years of working in blockchain industry, Mr. Nam Tran has obtained abundant experience in running both domestic and international crypto businesses. He has been phenomenal in creating and implementing crypto organizations, vision and direction. Moreover, Tran has contributed valuable strategies to many of his gamefi and socialfi investing projects in which he has participated and lead them to success.
CPO:Potus Pham
With a substantial amount of involvement in domestic start-up enterprises, Mr. Potus Pham possesses thorough expertise in managing ventures and raising awareness of new products, especially NFT games which are his passion and what he has been working on during the past few years.
CMO:Tony Nguyen
After pursuing a foreign Master's degree in Business Administration, Mr. Tony Nguyen has obtained abundant experience in running domestic businesses. Thanks to his immense knowledge and plenty of years of experience in digital and traditional marketing, he has the ability to understand the customer's behavior rapidly and continuously proposes effective ideas applying to projects on various scales.