Popop World


Popop World is Polygon chain’s first Play-to-Earn casual game playground of mini game collection. Here, players can choose their favorite mini games to play alone, or compete with other casual game lovers around the world, gaming through skills and strategies, and winning Popop World contribution value and even the scarce and valuable Popman NFT.
Players can win Play-to-Earn rewards in the following ways:
🔶Accumulate the contribution value through gaming and competitions, and redeem it for POP.
🔶Income through collecting and trading Popman NFT obtained from playing games, completing missions, etc.
🔶Stake POP to participate in DAO governance and win token rewards and rare NFT Participate in Popop World Metaverse, creating mini games and sharing game revenue


Popop World’s vision is to explore an evolutionary way of transforming conventional Play-to-Earn GameFi mode, into a global casual game content sharing community platform (SocialFi), where gamers, developers, art creators can participate in self-government and share benefits.
Popop World combines the advantages of Non-Fungible token (NFT)and DAO governance, creating a new economic and business model for casual game integrated Dapp, and expanding casual game content creating and governance, adding value to the whole virtual world and blockchain economy.