Popop World

Popman Introduction


Popman is a popular character series NFT composed of various characters, such as presidents, stars, aliens, paper people, etc.
You can initiate a vote for your favorite character, we will work hard to link it and create its own series of Popman
Popman is also a player’s entrance pass to Popop World, and corresponding to each casual game. Players need to bind Popman NFT first, before winning contribution value through games.
Players can obtain POPman NFT through missions, invitations, or purchase NFT blind boxes in the market.

Popman Backpage

You can view or choose to use all popman.

Popman Acquisition Channels

There is a store in the game, where players can use POP tokens to purchase Popman NFT.
💡 Popman is mainly obtained through NFT upgrading, in-game purchases, etc. NFT upgrade requires players to use Popman meeting a certain time length of the game, and consume a certain amount of contribution value and POP tokens to complete. For the in-game purchases, players use POP tokens to purchase Popman NFT blind boxes in the built-in shopping malls.
💡At the beginning of the game, Popman NFT can be traded through NFT third-party trading platforms that support the Polygon network, such as Opensea. Popop World is expected to launch its NFT- MarketPlace in 2022Q1 to facilitate users to trade Popman NFT more easily and better realize Popman ’s value discovery.