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Exchange POP token and Withdraw fee

Exchange rate

1. Exchange rate = EXP prize pool / POP prize pool
EXP prize pool = (exp accumulated by users playing games) - (exp consumed by users, including redemption, upgrades, etc.)
POP prize pool = (total amount of POP released by the game ecology) - (POP exchanged for EXP)
2. The exchange rate is updated every 5 blocks on average
3. Each exchange must not be less than 0.01 pop
4. You need to pay 5 POP( in Metamask) in any exchange EXP for POP
5. After the exchange is successful, you can check the POP amount in Game Assets and withdraw to the wallet

Withdraw fee

EXP can be exchanged for POP at any time and without lock-up period. Withdrawals will be charged transaction fee,the first day is 30% and reduced by 2% per day.
Withdraw pop after received it 16 days,free of transaction fee.


1. User get 100 POP
  • Withdrawal on the first day, transaction fee is 30 POP;
  • Withdrawal on the 6th day, transaction fee is 20 POP;
  • Withdrawal on the 11th day, transaction fee is 10 POP;
  • Withdrawal on the 16th day, free of transaction fee.
2.User get 100 POP on the first day and get another 100 POP on the 10th day.
When user withdraw 200 POP on the 16th day
  • 100 POP which received 15 days ago, free of transaction fee;
  • Another 100 POP which received 5 days ago, 10% of the transaction fee is reduced, and it means 20 POP will be deducted .
  • So user can get 180 POP on the end.

How to exchange POP token?

1.Click the wallet button to enter the game asset page.
2.Click the EXCHANGE button to enter the EXP-POP page.
3.Enter the amount of EXP to exchange
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