Popop World


Introduction to DAO

The goal of Popop World is to become a game platform that truly belongs to players, with its decentralized autonomous organization, i.e., DAO Autonomous Committee. Over time, it can take over most of the decision-making capabilities in the game. The DAO Autonomous Committee will be a key element of the game ecosystem. Our ultimate goal is to create Popop World SocialFi, an autonomous global casual game content sharing community platform, composed of game creators, game participants, and game enthusiasts.

DAO voting rights

In order to encourage users to participate in Popop World’s DAO governance, Popop World will open the DAO pool staking function in 2022Q2-2022Q3, rewarding a total of 200 million tokens.
The DAO voting rights acquired by users are positively related to the number of staked POPs. The governance powers of the DAO Autonomous Committee will gradually open over time, including but not limited to:
👨‍⚖️The use or destruction of the ecological incentive part of POP token
👨‍⚖️Voting on Popop World’s introducing new games or new NFT
👨‍⚖️Open Popop World metaverse and introduce specific incentives for game creation mechanism

Popop World SocialFi

The ultimate goal of Popop World is to become a casual game content-sharing community created by players, developers, and art creators. Based on the huge community of Popop World, it will invite game developers and art creators worldwide to co-creating games & NFTs and share content creating revenue through Popop World development & content creating platform.
The DAO Autonomous Committee is the bridge connecting community users and content creators in Popop World SocialFi. The DAO Autonomous Committee will regularly vote to select the most popular original casual games and original NFTs on the game section and NFT mall, and determine the distribution of the Asset owned by DAO. Creators can share game contribution value and NFT sales proceeds.
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